About Me

I’m Brad Christian.

I’m a Husband, Dad, production designer and storyteller.

I believe compelling visual storytelling is an essential element of modern stage design and production.

For over a decade I’ve been creating engaging environments utilizing video, lighting and scenic design.

In the past I’ve told stories for CBS News and helped create experiences at churches in Texas and North Carolina.

I attended East Carolina University where I received my degree in communication with a concentration in media production. I was also a Film Minor… So I appreciate a good Citizen Kane reference.

Connect with me!

Twiiter: @bradchristian

Facebook: facebook.com/bradchristian

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bradchristian/

playlist series

Portfolio Highlights:

Video Direction and Production Design: https://youtu.be/g-5Vf5HrEUA

  • As Production Manager – My focus was empowering the team and our volunteers.
  • This particular music set I was able to direct personally

‘How Did You Love’  Production Number: https://youtu.be/hrlOSEwed7c   

  • A combination of storytelling through visual effects, lighting, and video

‘Kesha – Praying’ Song and Video Story: https://youtu.be/lt-yGuf0jvM

  • Dynamic Lighting and Environmental Video told this story

Royals – Video, Projection Mapping and Light Design: https://youtu.be/npzOpawwglw

  • Targeting a student demographic this was a quick turn weekend event.
  • Managing outside talent, light rentals, and fluid visuals.


Oval Office Visit: https://vimeo.com/47129747

Price of Power Investigation: https://vimeo.com/42342072


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