Setting the Stage

When you are working with a concrete stage with a basic proscenium stage with no fly system… you have to get creative with your scenic elements. Textures and Lighting are the key driving factors for visual story.

Here is the same space in different settings:

To see some of the stages in action head over to my portfolio here.

GLS Baby!

Okay, remember when I said that we were hoping our baby girl would arrive the first part of August when she was due so she wouldn’t interrupt the Global Leadership Conference? Well, she had other plans.

Instead, our baby girl decided to come at 2:30 in the morning on the second day of the conference. Thankfully I had prepared back up plans and was available to troubleshoot long distance if needed.

Despite things not happening in our timing, we are still overwhelmed to have this little one in our arms and so thankful to Kelsie Hendricks Photography who captured the beautiful experience of Rachel working to bring this little girl into the world for us to treasure.

And a big shout out to the GLS community for recognizing this beautiful interruption to our regularly scheduled programming!

We’re Having a Baby, and It’s a…

So the news of our 2nd pregnancy hasn’t made it to the blog yet. Rachel is 20 weeks and we just had a quiet gender reveal with our parents on a Google Hangout call. But don’t worry, we video taped it so we could share with y’all too!

Click here to see the video on Facebook! 

And here’s a picture from the recent ultrasound of our sweet little one sleeping!

We are so excited of course to be preparing our hearts and our home to meet our baby girl. We expect her to arrive in early August, hopefully before the Global Leadership Conference I have been working so hard to prepare for- but of course I’m making backup arrangements in case!

First Taste of West Texas Life

So we arrived in the desert a little over a month ago and it has already been an adventure! We spent the first month in a corporate apartment living out of suitcases and managing groceries up and down the flight of stairs with a very young toddler. But I have to say that life here in West Texas is unlike life anywhere else we have lived.

Our mall is called ‘Music City Mall’ and there are performance stages located throughout… On a note about Texas culture there’s a full statue of the Ten Commandments in the middle of the mall with 2 rows of chairs beside it so you can contemplate them.

Apparently we moved to the land of jack rabbits… it’s easy to spot these adorable furry critters in the morning or right before dusk. Bodie loves to chase them on our walks. But as a tribute to the adorable indigenous critters, there are tons of these statues all around town.

Of course we expected that culture would be a little different here with almost half the population being Hispanic. But we weren’t prepared for some signage being in Spanish first. I guess we get to teach our little ones to be bilingual!

I know these are just a few things to share and they are sort of trivial, but I wanted to capture just a taste of our adjustment period we are going through. For the first little bit it has felt like a vacation without an end date. But the reality of our move halfway across the country to a land unlike any other is becoming increasingly real to us. We certainly are enjoying it here, but continue to pray for us as we get settled in and find our rhythm of life here.

On the church front, we’ve jumped in head first to Life at Crossroads. I’m helping them bring their vision to life of having a life size replica of the slide from the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ built on stage. In the midst of the major set construction project… I’ve been performing maintenance on our aging fleet of intelligent lights. Getting them ready for our upcoming Christmas Shows.

The Christian Family is headed west!

For the past 9 years I have had the privilege of calling beatiful Greenville, North Carolina home. Eastern North Carolina is a special place. I am reminded daily of why people from all across the country make their way here for vacations every year. The natural beauty and unique coastal living combined with the kind hearted and loving population makes this area so very special.

I do call Greenville ‘home’ because I have lived here longer than anywhere else in my life. It is where I went to college, it’s where I met Rachel, it’s where we adopted Bodie,  it’s where we bought our first house, and it’s where Daniel was born.

Greenville is also close to my family located throughout Eastern, NC – but I have two extended families here as well.

First – My Discovery Church family who adopted me over 8 years ago. We have laughed, cried, and celebrated God’s goodness as we’ve navigated life’s often difficult road. It is almost difficult to even comprehend all of the lives that I have seen impacted by Discovery these past 8 years. Every person who has been a part of the Discovery family over the years has had a significant impact on my life.

Second – My WNCT-TV family. The past few days have reminded me of the unique bond that is created amongst newsers. I think it is something about the crazy hours, extreme work environments, and endless deadlines that forms this special bond. It is a tough industry to work in because of the revolving door of people that pass through as they work to move beyond living under the poverty line by moving up a few markets. Over the past five years I have met some incredible people… many of which are working in top 25 markets having a major impact and are doing big things. I have learned so much over the years from these fine people. From the power of good writing to how to survive standing in the middle of a hurricane… these are all life lessons that I will draw from for the rest of my life.

Over the past few months our family has had an unexpected and exciting opportunity come up. Rachel and I have been talking with a great church in Odessa, Texas called Crossroads Fellowship about an opportunity that would allow me to combine my love of live event production and the local church into a new career.


After flying down and meeting with the incredible team there… We fell in love with the church and the people of West Texas. So we made the difficult but exciting decision to join the Crossroads Team. I’ll start my new role as Multi-site Broadcast Production Manager on October 1st.


With that date quickly approaching… our time in Greenville is quickly coming to a close. Mine and Rachel’s last day at work is September 11th, and that next week will start the move out west.

It has been a very emotional period as we have reflected on these great years here in Greenville, but we are trusting as God leads our family to Texas.

We have enlisted the help of our friends at the Homer Tyre Group in helping us make the transition by selling our house here in Greenville. Please share our listing with anyone who may be looking at purchasing a home in the Greenville area!

Best Worship Songs of 2014

2014 brought us some great worship music. Here is my Top 10 list of 2014…

Top 10 of 2014

#10: Don’t Ever Stop – Chris Tomlin

This high energy tune opens the 2014 Passion Album “Take it All”. The song’s soaring chorus reminds me of the truths of Phillipians 4:8 and blends an energetic EDM influence with the soaring Passion sound.

#9: Wake – Hillsong Young & Free

No other band had a greater influence on worship music in 2014 than Hillsong Young & Free. Y&F replaced ‘Hillsong United’ as Hillsong’s student ministry focused band as the ‘United’ generation graduated college and headed for adulthood. The over-the-top EDM energy and modern vocals make for a great track of hope and never-ending grace.

#8: I Am – Crowder

David Crowder released the first album with his new band ‘Crowder’ in 2014 after he and the David Crowder Band finished their run. Crowder continues to create innovative sounds in the new genre of ‘Folktronica’ while his D*CB counterparts launched their first album as ‘The Digital Age’. His single ‘I Am’ headlines the CCM Album of the Year ‘Neon Steeple’ and reminds us to look to the great “I am” in the storms of this life.

#7: Only King Forever – Elevation Worship

The Charlotte based Elevation Church continues to create a solid worship music culture that is having an impact far beyond North Carolina. The song ‘Only King Forever’ has a great hook in the chorus that combines uplifting lyrics with uplifting tones.

#6: Oceans – Hillsong United

Off of Hillsong United’s 2013 ‘Zion’ album – Oceans took the CCM scene by storm throughout 2014. The song has 16.5 million spotify plays alone. That is 10 million more plays than their 2007 hit ‘Lead Me to the Cross’.

#5: Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) – Hillsong Worship

Using the timeless lyrics of ‘Amazing Grace’ set to an inspiring new sound, Broken Vessels points to the Cross and the Love of Christ. The new sounds help to remind us of timeless truths.

#4: Alive – Hillsong Young & Free

The headlining track off of Y&F’s 2013  ‘We are Young & Free’ album has exploded all across the country. The EDM sounds of the song beat out anything on Top 40 radio right now, and have hooked the current student generation. The new EDM sound is a bit foreign and uncomfortable to some of the older millennials who were raised on the soaring guitar driven sounds of U2, but the unforgettable lyrics and beats have brought many of us back around.

#3: Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship

The timeless verses of Edward Mote’s 1837 hymn ‘My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less’ rang out in churches more in 2014 than it has in many years thanks to Hillsong’s 2012 song ‘Cornerstone’. Adding a new melody and chorus, Cornerstone still points to Christ being the solid rock and foundation in which we build or lives.

#2: This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham can write a hook like nobody else. We learned this in 2007 with his song ‘Cannons’ but instead of the soaring guitars, an electronic keyboard hook took our ears by storm. The lyrics ask questions that point to the power of the King of Glory. The song’s bridge has some of the greatest impact with the simple lyrics “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain – Worthy is the King who conquered the grave”. Make sure you listen to the ‘album version’ of the song… Some of CCM Radio only would play a radio edit that downplays the electronic sounds for muted guitar riffs.

#1: My Heart is Yours – Kristian Stanfill

The 2014 Passion Album is called ‘Take it All’ because of the chorus in Kristian Stanfill’s ‘My Heart is Yours’ track. The song builds with strong lyrics and melody to the familiar bridge of ‘All to Jesus, I surrender; All to Him I freely give; I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.’ The bridge being the first verse of the classic hymn ‘I Surrender All’. The songs soaring guitars and energy breathes new life into those timeless lyrics for a new generation to embrace and live out.

Next week I will point out a few tracks that I think are going to have a big impact on 2015!

Check out a spotify playlist of all these songs and more here.

Questions Rising

Yesterday we explored how when we have experienced Christ’s love and forgiveness, we are changed, made whole, renewed and complete in Him.

Many of us struggle with that idea of change. We often ask question like ‘Can I really change?’ or ‘Am I really any different from before I started following Christ?’

Sometimes it is easy to answer those questions with shallow response, so I won’t patronize you here. However, if you do wrestle with questions like that, I have found a great resource that will help you process through who are in Christ.

A good friend and I have been reading the Robert McGee classic ‘The Search for Significance’ and processing similar questions. You can find the book on amazon here. The book does a great job exploring some of the more complex truths of our faith (like propitiation) and then identifies many of the enemy’s lies that can keep us from experiencing the freedom that I wrote about yesterday.

Next week we are going to dig into some of the more specific ways we get caught up in the enemy’s web of lies. Our view of how God loves us can get contaminated. and the virus of lies can really cause hurt and destruction. We will begin a series of post call ‘Filter: Finding Freedom from Contamination’ – so don’t miss it.

In the meantime be encouraged and live in the freedom of the 2nd Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”