How much time do you have?

I have gotten my RockBand fasting To Do list down to about 15 items. I have found some people have more time on there hands then me.

I think this guy has got some time!

Who am I…

Who am I… that’s definitely a good question. My name is Brad Christian and I am a church consultant to churches in Eastern North Carolina. My mission is to not just help churches by integrating multimedia content into their worship experiences, but to help them become relevant to people. I find that Eastern North Carolina has a need for Emerging Churches, and I want to help fulfill that need.

I live in Greenville, North Carolina. Home of the East Carolina University Pirates! ARGH. My blood does run purple and gold and during football season you will find me at every ECU football game. I enjoy living in Eastern NC with the fine beaches and waterways of the Atlantic Ocean being in my backyard. When I am not helping churches grow and become culturally relevant I am working being a Technology Product Specialist and I am the Vice President of East Carolina University’s chapter of the National Broadcasting Society.