In Gatlinburg…

I am sitting here in the heart of the Smokey Mountains at the NYC Summer Project’s Debriefing. So far tonight has been really awesome. Getting to know everybody is always fun. I hopefully will post some pictures… I feel like I am hanging off of the mountain. THESE ROADS ARE CRAZY! Hopefully I will have some pics of these crazy vistas.

Only $3995 to go!

Thanks to Claude – I have now collected my first donation to my Tribecca fund! This really excited me that I am now on my way to NYC.

I have mentioned earlier on this blog about how this summer I have an incredible opportunity to take part in a summer mission project sponsored by Campus Crusade. I will be going with approximately 90 other students from across the country to New York City. A summer spent on a project like this can be invaluable. New York provides an environment for outreach that no other place in the world can offer.

The last US Census revealed that Queens Borough in NYC was the most diverse place on the planet. The college campuses on NYC are no less so. NYC campuses represent students from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. In one afternoon I could meet someone from every continent. While in New York I will be exposed to a range of ministry experiences in discipleship and evangelism. This is an amazing opportunity to reach out to this unique urban center that’s been called “The Capital of the World”

Stay tuned and I will let all of yall know how to join my team of ministry partners.

Oh yea! I forgot…

Tomorrow is my Birthday… All of yall don’t get too excited. If you are looking for an gift idea donations of support to my Tribecca fund are VERY welcome. Most of you do not know what Tribecca is, but I will be explaining what that is in the next post.

In the Boro

I have just gotten settled into my hotel room at the Sheraton in Greensboro for Campus Crusade’s Encounter 07.

I wasn’t through registration 30 seconds before I was recruited to help with the video work for the conference! Crazy right?

I am really excited about this week. I am hoping that it will spur my interest more in Missions. I have always felt my passion for missions to be lacking. I am praying that this week will change that.

So we will see if we have any pics later.