Church Politics are Deadly – Christian Horror Films

I have never been one for Christian movies… the acting is always horrible and they are pitifully produced.

However… Cloud Ten Pictures has peaked my interest with their latest adventure “Dangerous Calling”

Its a Christian Horror/Suspense Movie!

I really don’t know what to think, but I guess it could really reach out to a whole new group of people. They are having a discussion over on Cloud Ten’s blog.

However – I DO LOVE the idea behind this movie. The concept is a little too real to me and IS truely scarey.

Watch the trailer to see if you get what I mean.

Bring back memories for anyone? SCARY!

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Behind the Scenes: Production on a Budget

Last Sunday I have to say the production team at Discovery did an amazing job. We went from cabbages to christmas in a week. We did introduce several new elements to the production side of Discovery this week. We have added some new “moving” or intelligent lights. They are also being enhanced with a new haze effect. The haze effect allows the lights to be seen while they are moving. We also had some HUGE presents on stage (courtesy of Claude) that were lit up by red and blue rope light.

Overall I think Sunday was pretty cool. Hopefully the production at Discovery will continue to improve and continue creating environments that help connect people to Christ.

Production can get really expensive… fast! Fortunately at Discovery we have had several equipment donations that have help our production surpass what we may have normally been able to do.

Discovery has purchased our:
Six Ellipsoidal Spots
5 Dimmer Packs (They dim the house lights, stage cans, and spots)
Light Stands
Light board
4 Tri-North LED cans
Rope Light

Some of the “effect” lighting has been donated:
4 par cans (they created the red background Sunday)
2 intelligent scanners (the moving lights)
Haze Effect
LED light strip
Christmas Tree

If you would like to help continue to improve DC production we have several opportunities for you to give items that are on our “Wish List” this Christmas. Most of these items are related to improving the video production at DC. Contact me if you are interested.

Once again – Thank you to everybody who helps make Discovery Production happen! If you are interested in joining Discovery’s Production Team – contact me or show up on Saturday Evenings at 6pm for set up.