If you were at Catalyst… you heard it during some of the breaks! It was a top album on iTunes… Who else could it be!

David Crowder Band has done it again!

Remedy – Their new CD. It is a short one (about 45 mins of music) but it is full quality. DCB has never had “filler tracks” on their CDs. This one is no exception. Every second is INTENSE.

Track 6 (Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing) is one of my favorites – I generally don’t like hymns redone into new songs. However, David and the band makes it work – and makes it work well!

I posted a few weeks ago about DCB’s “Rain Down” – Revolution Church had done it a few weeks ago. So I broke out the archive DCB, and remembered how awesome the song was. When I heard track 7 on remedy, I couldn’t believe my ears! It is an awesome remix of Rain Down. Very similar to “Come and Listen” on “A collision”

If you haven’t bought it yet – DO IT! If you order the CD of off you might get a guitar pic and stickers… freebies are always awesome!

Just ask Jason! He won a sweet new Ipod Nano at Catalyst! It’s a product*red video playing lean mean machine!

Clam Crowder!

I appropriately wore my green squirrel David Crowder Band t-shirt today. I ordered their new album “Remedy” today off the website. I don’t know if it supports them more or less… but I do it anyway. I LOVE that remedy is #4 on the top albums on itunes! Isn’t that CRAZY! I used to get excited when I would hear switchfoot on top 40 radio! I wish I had a screen shot of it. Lets go for #1.

I feel like I am going to be a little kid checking the mailbox every day until it comes.

Rescue is coming!

This evening at about 12:30 I began hearing the elevator alarm at my apartment complex. I ignored it for awhile, but then I went to fix the elevator. I have done this many a time. Normally a beer can or something is jammed in the door. This time was different. I heard screams and loud thuds. So I went downstairs to alert the managment that something wasn’t right. When I got down there I saw that the resident director was already working on getting the stranded folks out. The people in the elevator were screaming very loudly, and jumping up and down trying to get the elevator restarted. It was panicing some of the girls. So the director ask me if I could try to calm the people down and let them know that the fire department was on their way. So I went up to the 3rd floor where the people were stuck. I was able to get them calmed down and quiet. After calming them down and letting them know rescue was coming, the director joined me on the floor. She had brought a tool with her to try to get the door open. She couldn’t get the door open – so I gave it a shot. After playing with the door opener tool for a little bit, I felt the door click and begin to slide open. The door opened up and I saw the elevator lodged halfway between the 3rd and 4th floor. The occupants of the elevator car were very happy to see the door open. I helped get the people down because there was about a 4-5 foot drop between the floor of the elevator and the 3rd floor. As soon as I got the last person out of the car, the fire department arrived. After the greenville fd checked everybody out – everybody continued on their way. It was a happy ending to everything. It did make a boring evening in Greenville a little more exciting!

Somehow this reminds me of the David Crowder Band song… Rescue is Coming.

In the flow…

The word Outflow has recently been brought to the top of my vocabulary pile. It’s an upcoming series at Discovery. The word outflow has three definitions.

First: A large flow of money, liquid, or people that moves or is transferred out of place.
Second: The flowing out of liquid from container or cavity
Third: The outward flow of air from a weather system.

While Marvin, Phillip, and Skip (only Eastern North Carolinians would understand) would focus on the third, I focus on the liquid parts of the first and second. The word flow itself brings imagery of water to mind. Maybe a flowing waterfall, or a flowing stream. However, all I can think of is flowing rain. Does rain even flow? I hear the word flow all the time. Tonight on the late show Matt Damon talked about the Ebb and Flow of his career. Everything in the world can have flow applied to it – Cash Flow, People Flow, etc. For some reason I keep thinking of water though.

A particular song has reemerged into my music world. “Holy is the Lord” by David Crowder… Its classic Crowder. I found it while looking at some old videos I had edited. Then I saw that Ridgestone Church recently featured it in the worship set. The highlight of the song is when David breaks out into these lyrics.

Rain Down your love on us
Rain down your love

Rain down your greatness
and cover me
rain down your love on us,
rain down your love
rain down your peace

Maybe we need to focus on the flows that really matter. Sometimes I think we are distracted by cash flows, people flows, career flows, or other flows. Maybe we should focus on the flows that are everlasting. The never-ending flows of greatness, love, and peace.

Though the outflow series is about outward focus living in an self focused world. The word outflow some how reminded me of some classic Crowder.

Harvest Comes to the Capital

Last week Greg Laurie and his Harvest “Crusade” rocked Raleigh. I was the first in line at the RBC Center on Friday night because the AWESOME David Crowder Band was performing that eveing. It was a very good night in Raleigh. DCB did their classic set which rocked the house. The Harvest people all ready have the webcast archieved on the webiste. Go ahead and check it out now, and I will give a full review later.