Recently Starred

I use Google Reader… it rocks. It is tied into my iGoogle homepage. I actually do the majority of my blog reading there instead on in the actual reader. Google Reader allows you to star articles… here are a few entries that I have starred lately.

Inside the Box Worship Ministry
-Great Article from Elevation about using limitations to spur creativity.

What it Means to Be on Staff
– Great article from Michael. It has a note sent to his team members a few months ago for some preventive maintenance.

Survey: Americans Switching Faiths, Dropping Out
-Great article from Lifechurch from Bobby Gruenewald (He is my Facebook friend). I think that this article is not taking into account the growing modern church movement. It is a good commentary on how dying churches in America do still affect the big picture.

I’m tracking you…

Well kinda…

Tony Morgan recently exposed me to the world of Google Analytics. So now is analyticing (thats not a word) you.

This is just another sign that google, which as I have stated before, is taking over my life.

Google is taking over my life…

I think Google is about to take over my life. My Mac had taken over for the longest time, but now it seems that my homepage will be controlling my life now. With the advent of iGoogle my homepage is truly customized to me. I started by just adding my Gmail to the homepage and stuff like “famous optical illusions. Then I discovered both Google Calendar and Google Reader. Both of these apps integrate seamlessly into my homepage. I also use Google Products (formally froogle) at Circuit City to figure average market prices on cameras and camcorders. What will Google do next?