I got to use one of these while I was in LAX. They are amazing! My hands were dry almost instantly – compared to the 30 seconds of hot air with little results with conventional hand blowers. If you want to talk about going Green – EVERY public restroom should have 2 of these and no paper towels.

Check it out here.

Sunday Night Cap!

Today was a really awesome day at Discovery.

We wrapped up our iLife series today with iWill and a Baptism.

Today we used a real baptistry. Not one of those funky casket style ones, or the discovery traditional dunking tank.

Today affirmed for me the importance of lighting in a service. The stage was pretty dim when jason was speaking. I’m working on the solution to that.

We had a productive sound meeting. I think I am going to suggest we do like Gary Lamb and bring in a consultant.

Today also affirmed to me that we need to move to ProPresenter. Media Shout is cool but with the increasing amount of video we use in our services, we are going to have to train up and get it started with the ProPresenter.

Today I had ALOT of affirmations! I also had the affirmation that I am abstaining from RockBand until my to do list is finished. Its not something that I am going to TRY to do, but something iWill do. To do it iSchduling is a must.

The iLife series is completely available on DVD! I am already getting request.

This evening we had an AWESOME Lord’s Supper. It was the first time it was at the B&G Club, and I am happy we had it there or we would have been turning people away!

I am setting my sights on Easter! Trying to get ahead of the game. I really think we need to look at two services.

Invite cards went out today for the Price is Right! I’m pumped over this series. I hope people will say iWill to inviting their friends with the cards. The cards really do look swell!

This Friday I am going up to Washington D.C. for the regional Passion. I am coming back late saturday night/early sunday morning for Price is Right. I95 scares me! So please keep me in your prayers.

I am very negative on my sleep debt. So I think I am going to hit the hay early. Yes – 11pm is extremely early…

What! It’s 2008…

As you can see, I haven’t blogged since 2007!

The first two weeks of 2007 were a blur!

So here is a mind dump… Even though the folks at Church Marketing Sucks say not to.

-We broke 200 for the first time at Discovery! I smell two services…
-There were some pretty awesome Christmas Eve services this year! I will post a list of the best. I think our was pretty cool too.
-I’m really digging the iLife series. From the messages to the set! Pretty cool stuff.
-I’m loving the version of Jesus Paid it All by Kristian Stanfill
-I am also loving some “Low” by FLO-RIDA- “Apple Bottom Jeans!” Is that crazy or what?
-I upgraded the Macbook to 200 gigs of hard drive and 2 gigs of ram. I wanted four, but the macbook pros limit is 3!

-I am going through C3 withdrawals! I went in 2005 and 2006. I must say it is the most AMAZING conference in the country. My homeboy Perry Noble is going to be there this year. Ask Perry or Steven or Gary… they will all tell you the C3 is one of their top conferences. You will read and see how C3 had such a great influence on them – especially in their early days. Really amazing stuff.