Song Watch – Cielo: Phil Wickham

I was introduced to this song at Passion 2010. They were simply playing it and a lot of Owl City as pre-session music. The hook “I can’t sing loud enough…” really got me. I really wish I had this song back when Discovery was doing the “So You’re Dead… Now What?” series. Thoughts?

New Song Watch – You Alone Can Rescue

This isn’t is a crazy new song, but it takes a while for music to trickle down the grapevine.

In this song from Matt Redman comes a pretty cool experience. Very easy to catch onto in corporate worship. I first heard the song during the worship sessions last October at the catalyst pre-labs. It was covered by Christy Nockles and Eddie Kirkland. Can’t wait to hear Redman do this live at Passion 2010!

The song absolutely soars in the bridge.

“We lift up our eyes – lift up our eyes: You’re the giver of life”

New Song Watch – Winter Snow

Chris Tomlin has recently released a Christmas Album. (I’m still waiting for Crowders… Crowder did “Feliz Navidad” last year)

This album features Audrey Assad in a song called “Winter Snow” with Tomlin.

Very interesting Christmas song. I’m working on reviewing the album now. Hopefully Tomlin has released a modern worship album for Christmas.