What I’ve Been Reading…

I have stumbled upon several great reads lately. Really haven’t had time to blog any book reviews, but hopefully I can briefly recap some highlights.

Killing Cockroaches – Tony Morgan

Great blog-style book with plenty of leadership insights into how to not let small distractions interfere with your mission. While geared towards non-profits the book still has many great leadership lessons for everybody.

The Principle of the Path – Andy Stanley

Really interesting book on how to get to where you want to go. Many solid life principles on how not to get of corse. Really challenging.

Pop Goes the Church – Tim Stevens

Tim Steven takes a look at how houses of worship can engage their parishioners by utilizing pop culture in their worship services. Very practical, but fun read.

Simply Strategic Volunteers – Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan

Older book from both Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan. The book focuses on how to properly treat and utilize volunteers at non-profits.

Hopefully I will be able to post more about what I am reading in the future…

Reflection – Promo Trailer…

Really excited about this series that is starting Easter Sunday at Discovery Church…

Shot in HD for the first time in forever. Had been scaling back the XH-A1 to SD for simplicity’s sake, but really excited about transitioning into more HD shooting.

No mirrors were harmed in the making of this video, but thats another blog post.

Watch the video on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas!

I hope that this Christmas is an amazing time of fellowship and connection with friends and family!

I pray that God will open doors of Grace and tear down walls of hate in this upcoming year.

-God Bless


I’m Engaged!

Today has been an amazing day… I asked the love of my life to marry me – and she said yes! Here are a few pictures from late tonight.

An open letter to my blog…

Dear blog,

I am sorry for my neglect. I do care about you, and I appreciate you representing my online presence! Represent the REAL Brad Christian and not that “street magician” at http://bradchristian.com

I have been only able to keep up Discovery’s vimeo channel. At vimeo.com/discoverytv – However – it links to over a years worth of awesome messages from Discovery.

You have got to understand that August and September have been the epitome of craziness. If things settle down… I hope to one day return to writing on you. Sharing thoughts and such… I am reading a great book on volunteers by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan…

They are inspiring me and hopefully I will pass on my take…

Once again. I sorry for the neglect and lack of controversial blog titles.

Your friend,

There is no historical proof of Jesus…

I was recently sent this video… I had trouble listening to it simply because of the low production quality.

However, if you look beyond those problems. What is your response. My response is similar to Lee Strobel… but I’m not interesting in what I think. What do you think.