First Taste of West Texas Life

So we arrived in the desert a little over a month ago and it has already been an adventure! We spent the first month in a corporate apartment living out of suitcases and managing groceries up and down the flight of stairs with a very young toddler. But I have to say that life here in West Texas is unlike life anywhere else we have lived.

Our mall is called ‘Music City Mall’ and there are performance stages located throughout… On a note about Texas culture there’s a full statue of the Ten Commandments in the middle of the mall with 2 rows of chairs beside it so you can contemplate them.

Apparently we moved to the land of jack rabbits… it’s easy to spot these adorable furry critters in the morning or right before dusk. Bodie loves to chase them on our walks. But as a tribute to the adorable indigenous critters, there are tons of these statues all around town.

Of course we expected that culture would be a little different here with almost half the population being Hispanic. But we weren’t prepared for some signage being in Spanish first. I guess we get to teach our little ones to be bilingual!

I know these are just a few things to share and they are sort of trivial, but I wanted to capture just a taste of our adjustment period we are going through. For the first little bit it has felt like a vacation without an end date. But the reality of our move halfway across the country to a land unlike any other is becoming increasingly real to us. We certainly are enjoying it here, but continue to pray for us as we get settled in and find our rhythm of life here.

On the church front, we’ve jumped in head first to Life at Crossroads. I’m helping them bring their vision to life of having a life size replica of the slide from the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ built on stage. In the midst of the major set construction project… I’ve been performing maintenance on our aging fleet of intelligent lights. Getting them ready for our upcoming Christmas Shows.

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