Monday morning reflections…

A few thoughts from the weekend.

-I was held hostage in Circuit City! I had to break out to get to Discovery… (long story)

-My fountain o choco made its premiere in the hospitallity room. Things were going great until I thought it would be cool to add chocolate surp to the mix. It will be back next week… fully working!

-I had my first chat with Algeria today.

-My dad made his first visit to Discovery Sunday. He enjoyed it!

-Davey and the band continue to amaze me… I still haven’t found his blog though…

-Jason did an awesome job kicking off the Outflow series.

-ECU beat UNC.. ARGH

-The Marching Tarheels came to town… They showed the Marching Pirates how its done. (This is coming from a Pirate fan)

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