Home for the Holidays…

“Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays…”

With fun family work schedules – I am finding my self back home on the 14th of December getting ready to do my first Christmas (no my parents aren’t divorced or split) with my mom’s side of the family tomorrow. Wow right? All of this and then right back to G-vegas for set up with Discovery.

It has been awhile since I have posted. Things have been incredibly busy. I have been finishing up the semester of school, hiring some new staff at Campus Towers, planning with Discovery, preparing for the upcoming iLife series…

Throughout all of this I did have one unexpected turn in my countdown to Christmas… My dad’s brother passed away in early December. It came out of no where. I have a very tight family. I have never had a birthday party with friends because every year my whole family would gather for it. So the loss was tough.

With this happening at the beginning of exams, I was only able to attend the visitation. During that I truly learned how difficult it is for a mother to lose a child. Being with my Grandmother during the visitation was tough, but I did learn something. When it all boils down to it the only thing people have is their relationship with Christ. My Grandmother is definately a woman of God. Her relationship with Christ is rock solid. Through the sadness and grief, her faith still shined through. As our family’s patriarch, she set such an example.

Later in December my dad’s side of the family is planning on spending some extra time together… I’m looking forward to it!

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