Snow War!

Everybody else in the blog world seems to be buzzing as people down south get prepared for snow… We aren’t suppose to get ANYTHING here in g-vegas…


As I write this – Jason’s blog just popped up in my google reader! He says a winter storm warning was just issued for pitt county. It said that 2-4 inches of snow are to be expected when the snow switches over from rain around 4pm.

Last year we had a dusting one morning, but changed to rain before 11 am and melted everything!

Jason has not been in North Carolina long enough. Doesn’t he know that a chance of a dusting shuts school down for the day. If there is any accumulation like this warning says… school will be shut down for a week! We aren’t all fancy like the Minnasontians with there fancy inventions like snow blowers and snow plows. Jason said for us to get out our snow blowers…. what the heck is a snow blower – and – does he actually have one?

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