Huge weekend…

This weekend I had the opportunity to go up to Washington D.C. for Passion’s regional conference. It was amazing. Louie Giglio and Francis Chan spoke. They were both amazing. Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Charlie Hall led worship. I had breifly previewed this year’s CD “God of This City”. I was a little worried because about half the CD had already been released from Fee, Tomlin, and Crowder. The CD though is still worth it. The “God of This City” is song is worth buying the entire album. The song has an amazing story behind it.

The conference was awesome, but I REALLY didn’t want to miss the opening week of The Price is Right at Discovery! So after the conference was over on Saturday night I headed back to North Carolina. It was around Midnight when I left. The only problem was that during the last section my left contact had started to bother me. I went back to the hotel and it was completely blood red. I thought something was in so I washed it out… but the irritation would leave. So somehow at the conference I got pick eye! Crazy fun driving back to NC with one contact. (It really was a smooth drive – no problems)

I got back around 4am and set my alarm for 6am to head over to DC to set up some lighting. I don’t know what happend, but I noticed my room was very bright. So I jumped out of bed and found it to be 11:15. I was very disoriented, because I had set my iPod alarm and my cell phone alarm. My iPod alarm was off and my cell phone was underneath my bed open! I have no recollection of anything. I knew I should have camped out in the Boys and Girls Club!

I had missed discovery, but I found my eye to still be crazy inflamed. This is not good because I wear contacts. I went to university health services around 11:30 am (they closed at noon). They didn’t give me anything for it, but my Mom being a teacher didn’t like that! She said that when kids get pink eye they don’t even let them go to school until they get a antibacterial eye drop. So right now I am in Greenville’s only urgent care place trying to get a prescription…

….I am done at the urgent care. 5 HOURS LATER!

Its time for a shower and eye drops!

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