Third Day Blind

Sounds like a band doesn’t it? Today is my third day being blind. It started during the last session of passion. See the story below under crazy weekend.

Basically I have been blind the past 3 days because I can’t wear my contacts. I have worn contacts for 5 years now, so I don’t have any glasses. There has never been a time that I haven’t been able to wear my contacts until now. So I went in to get some glasses. WOW! How things have changed. I felt like I had been trusted back into the 50s with all the thick black frame square glasses. I know that all sheik now, but they really don’t work on my face. Especially with my brown hair. So I ordered some that actually might look decent on me.

The only thing is that it is going to be a week and a half before I get them. So I think tomorrow I am going to try putting the contacts back in. Even though I won’t need them immediately it will be good to have the glasses as a back up. There is a lesson here somewhere… I think its “Be Prepared” because things come out of the blue that you don’t expect. Hmm… or maybe its “Expect the Unexpected”


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