BRR! I’m Back…

I am back from California. I am in one piece, I have all my luggage, and I am COLD! I wore shorts today (like I have for the past week), and I am frozen.

Lots of lessons from California.

-LA Traffic Sucks
-Gas is not that much more then in NC
-The cost of living is hire in LA because of FOOD PRICES ($4 dollers for a coke? $40 for a boxed lunch?)
-Everybody drives… For everybody in LA to be so “environmentally friendly” it shocks me that everybody drives and there public transportation is VERY rough. It very hypocritical to be so worried about global warming and then jump in your car and spend 5 hours in traffic emitting co2 into the atmosphere.
-Disney is still a leader in customer service. One of my favorite parts was how friendly the housekeepers were. They would always smile when they saw you. They were very nice and sincere. The front desk folks were pretty good. I have received similar service at Hampton Inn like hotels. The waiters/waitresses didn’t really impress me. Now that might be because I was a college student, and we have a worse reputation than international people when it comes to tipping! It might just be that in LA they have a french/hands off style of waitressing.
-I hate Miso soup with Tofu in it.
-The only TV Taping that isn’t easy to get into is The Price is Right. Even with Drew Carry as host.
-First Baptist Church in Hollywood looks like the little colonial church in the patriot. (Remember the one that locked everybody inside and burned)
-There were more Christian Scientist Churches and Scientology Centers then all protestant denomination churches combined.
-I saw the Crystal Cathedral on my way to the hotel in Santa Ana. It looks like something out of a Superman movie.

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