In the Zone…

It has been just over a year since Discovery Finished up there “In the Zone” series. I challenge you to go back and listen to the series here.

This series is absolutely amazing. It lays out how to get in the zone, and let God put his Bless on you ING.

I have been “In the Zone” using Discovery’s online giving since the first sunday in Feb. Well Saturday night I had stopped by a friends apartment at Sunchase. I had parked in what I thought was guest parking (because there was a sign that said “Guest Parking starts here”)

They are not a friendly community like my apartment complex is. They have “bubba’s towing company” randomly patrol the parking lot, and they tow without any warning! So I walk out and my car is gone.

I call up bubba, and I follow him out into the ghetto to his “fence.” He tells me that its going to be $100 cash. I was afraid of that because its this lot in the ghetto behind some bond place. So I have to go down the road a few miles to an ATM and get him his money.

I get my car out of Ghetto Hell… go back very mad. I was grumbling to myself about this $100 lost – down the drain!

The thought even crossed my mind (no joke) that I should take $10 out of my tithe for 10 weeks to make it up. Fortunately I did not…

Sunday morning I go to discovery just to find the O.D.D. small group decided to bless me with a thank you gift from their small group for a video that I am working on for them. I was blown away because I definitely didn’t expect it. So I felt a little better.

Then today I get a note from Circuit City. I thought it would be some tax thing, but it turned out to be that I have an unclaimed check!

So I went from being worried about losing a benjamin to having my whole attitude turned around!

2 Replies to “In the Zone…”

  1. What you really have to ask yourself is this: Did Bubba determine in advance to tow your car? Were you chosen to park in that spot beforehand?

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