Vanessa Whitwell…

Last sunday a friend of mine from Fellowship Church passed away due to a brain hemorrhage. Vanessa was an amazing multi-facetted person. I first saw Vanessa singing with Fellowship Church at the Creative Church conference in 2005. Many people from my church got to know Vanessa via her appearances on the In the Zone DVD singing “Kaching!” and her singing at the Christmas Eve Service at the American Airlines Center. I was fortunate enough to have dinner with her and her husband at the C3 conference in 2006. She was so very positive and encouraging. She was genuinely interested in my church, and was such a motivation to take what we were doing to the next level. She was very excited about her transitioning from music over to women’s ministries. Her “Bloom” events were some of the most creative and exciting women’s ministries I have ever seen. My thoughts and prayers are with Ed and everybody at fellowship during this difficult time.

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