Worship Style Poll Results…

I read an article from Tony Morgan today. He did a poll a couple of weeks ago about worship styles in people’s church. I was expecting the results of the poll…

Rock 49%
Pop 32%
Alternative 12%
R&B/Soul 4%
Country 3%
Hip-Hop/Rap 0%

He compared them to the current top 100 songs on iTunes.

Pop 29%
Hip-Hop/Rap 22%
Rock 14%
Alternative 11%
Country 11%
R&B/Soul 10%

If you notice there is a huge difference between the numbers. I agree 100% with Tony’s thoughts on the results. So when our churches are trying to be Culturally relevant

If you don’t think that iTunes represents Greenville here are the results for the top music in Greenville, NC’s network on Facebook
Top Music
1 R&B
2 Rap
3 Country
4 Gospel
5 Rock
6 Hip Hop
7 Jack Johnson
8 Jazz
9 Hip-Hop
10 Reggae

Tony ask these questions…
Are we still using the right style of music to reach our culture?
Can hip-hop, rap and R&B music be used to worship God?
Are there churches in America that are embracing hip-hop/rap and R&B/soul to reach the large portion of our culture that’s listening to that style of music?
Have we adequately determined who we’re trying to reach and what style of music they resonate with?
Do we have a responsibility to do anything about this?

I say that they are important questions and need to be answered… Thoughts?

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