Tribecca Update

Time is winding down! I will be in NYC before I know it. I am very thankful for all of the people who have stepped up and became financial partners for Tribecca.

So far I have currently raised 80% of my support that goes to Campus Crusade. I still have to purchase my airfare as well. I am booking the airfare for the North Carolina kids so we can all travel together (they are paying me back). One of the girls has NEVER flown before! She was thinking about taking the train, but the arrivals for it REALLY don’t work well. Plane tickets are right now about $250 bucks each. I think it would be amazing if somebody felt led to support the North Carolina project goers by donating $1000 to cover our airfare! That would really be a blessing for them – many of the NC people have not raised as much support as I have.

Our briefing in Gatlinburg was absolutely amazing. The people who are going on this project are awesome. Everybody is pumped up for the upcoming summer!

If you are planning on partnering with me financially please do so before May 31st when my support is due. Please continue to lift the project up in prayer. We are praying for God to do BIG things this summer!

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