Tribecca Update – 12 days

I am down at the beach visiting my parents, because I will probably not get to see them until I get back from NYC. I can not believe that Sunday will be my last Sunday at Discovery for 6 Weeks! I will have a chance to check out some pretty cool churches in NYC, but there is no place like home. If you know of any churches I need to check out while I am up there let me know. I would love to find a church that has the same creative vibe Discovery has. I know one Sunday I will be attending Redeemer Presbyterian because their pastor has written one of the Bible studies we will be doing while we are up there.

The team I am going up to NYC with is amazing. Especially the guys from North Carolina!

They introduced me to this video while I was up in Gatlinburg. Amazing… You gotta watch the whole thing (or at least the first 2 mins)

Do you think we can get him for Discovery?

5 Replies to “Tribecca Update – 12 days”

  1. Davey… Does he have amazing tone?Jason… definitly going to check out Fusion man’s church lol! I will report on my first 7 mins.

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