The Adventure Begins…

Thanks to the City of Greenville and Pitt Greenville Airport, I am blogging from outside the security gates of Greenville Airport. I am getting ready to get on my flight for Charlotte that will connect me to Denver.

This Airport is a trip! I did have the random memory when I pulled into the airport of the movie “We are Marshall.” This is the airport that the team flew out of on there way back to West Virginia.

My flight departs at 11am. It is 10:17 am and the TSA officials are just now arriving at the airport! I wonder how long I should wait for them to open up before I go through security…

…It is now 10:24 am and I am through security. My bag got pulled for because it was suspicious. I think it was my zoom lens attached to my Canon Rebel SLR camera. Did not take too long obviously. Just glad I didn’t have to do the awkward “male inspection.” I only have to do that when I travel with my brother. He uses a CPap breathing machine to sleep, so he carries it as his cary on. So every time we go through security… its the awkward “male inspection” for everybody in our party.

I really would like to wear sandals when I fly, but all that walking in rainbows kills my feet. It is very hard to get my shoes on and off. I have learned that my belt does not set off the metal detector. That helps but the cow hearding process through security is weird with all of these people running around barefoot.

Randy was right – I will be walking on the tarmac to get to the plane, but they have a rolling ground level tunnel to keep everybody on track.

They are beginning boarding! I will talk to yall later. They are calling people without an intercom!

2 Replies to “The Adventure Begins…”

  1. Have fun in Denver! I have a lot of experience flying out of Greenville. I can tell you some stories. One time our flight was delayed out because it hit a bird on the way in. Some dude with a rag had to get up on a ladder and clean the bird guts off the windshield. Fun!

  2. Ohhh fun! We once had an early flight out of Greenville and got to the airport an hour before our plane was to leave and found out that the airport doesn’t even open until 30 minutes before the first flight. We had to sit in the parking lot at 5:00am for a half an hour!! Have a fun trip!

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