Leavin’ on a jet plane…

My stay in Colorado is quickly coming to a close. It has been one intense journey out here. I started with snow and wound up getting sun burned by the end of the week. I gotta get ready to head out bright and early. I am living Winter Park at 7am tomorrow and I will be getting back to Greenville at 9pm tomorrow night! I will be twittering throughout the day tomorrow. I am very sad that I am missing Discovery in the morning because it is the start of the one prayer series. THE SET IS BANGING! I saw a picture on Marcus’s blog and was impressed. You guys have got to take pictures. It would be awesome if yall could get the service online so I could watch it too!

Here are two pics that sum up the week!

From the work side of training – This was our workbook from the training… as you can see – very thick and tense, but it was extremely good!

From the fun side of training- My Perfect Smore! People were amazed at my marshmallow roasting skills.



  1. Marcus · June 9, 2008

    We are hot. You are cold. It seems like you’re having a blast.

  2. Randy Strickland · June 9, 2008

    MIss you already dude. Awesome job training your replacement though man! Can’t wait to hear what God is going to do with you and your group.

  3. Jason Ebeling · June 9, 2008

    Hey, we’d be glad to get it up online but you’ll need to get us some instructions! Posting format, login information, which account, etc. HELP!

  4. Sheila · June 10, 2008

    Brad, we miss you! Have a great time this summer, but remember that you HAVE TO COME BACK!!!!!(unless GOD says you have to stay, otherwise, no excuses!!!)

  5. surebeatsworkin' · June 11, 2008

    Have a safe trip back!

  6. Dan O · June 19, 2008

    Glad you enjoyed training. I’m going to interpret that first pic as you being completely engrossed in the material 🙂

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