Tribecca Vlog – Day 2

Day two was an adventurous day… I saw more of NYC today then I have in my last two visits combined. If you followed my tweeter you would see all the crazy stops I made all over the city. The Tribecca staff wanted to give us a tour of the city, but they wanted to show us the ENTIRE island of Manhatten and surrounding boroughs. To do this they took us to the Top of the Rock Observatory at 30 Rock. I was able to make a short vlog from the top of the rock. Here is it.

Tribecca Day Two from Brad Christian on Vimeo.
I will have the v-log up from day one pretty soon hopefully.

By the way my friend’s name is Emily!

One Reply to “Tribecca Vlog – Day 2”

  1. I’ve only been to NYC once, but it was a great trip. We loved the video- keep them coming!! Hope you are having a great time (despite the hot sleeping arrangements!) You are in our prayers!!Laci

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