Back in Greenville!

Yes the rumors are true… I am finally back in good ole Greenville! I still haven’t gotten fully unpacked yet, but it has been good getting to see everybody.

I am trying to get use to this new invention yall have down here… AIR CONDITIONING! The place we lived at while we were in the city did not. However, the weather was amazing while we were up there. The first day temperatures hit way over 100, but after that most evening we enjoyed temps in the upper 70s. That is not normally the case in NYC, so we were very fortunate!

I also enjoyed returning to my bed and sheets. The foam mattress on the bunk bed in NYC was not the most comfortable thing in the world.

I do already miss this city though… I turned on Letterman last night, and all the memories started calling me back.

I am looking forward to DC on Sunday. I don’t think the folks at Discovery know how good they have it. We have some of the best music, preaching, and teaching out there!

Thats all for now… Tonight I get to reunite with some of my East Carolina people at the 12 am showing of The Dark Knight.

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