Showing Appreciation

Sometimes I am afraid that I get caught up with so much stuff that sometimes I am afraid that I don’t show appreciation like I should. I am constantly thinking to myself while I am working or driving somewhere, “I really need to send _______ a thank you card” or “I should drop __________ an email thanking him for his hard work last week” or even “I could not have done that without ________ I should get them a thank you gift card.”

I am constantly thinking about things like this on a daily basis, but always wind up forgetting to actually express gratitude. I think there is real power when somebody genuinely thanks somebody for something they have done or are doing.

Everyday I am surrounded by a team of people who are going above and beyond to reach out to Greenville.

For instance… Randy did a bang up job leading worship on Sunday. I was watching the service this evening and got chills from the power in the music. Claudedulous also had a huge impact on Sunday with his set design. I forget how talented Claude is in creating stuff like the Calendar on stage last sunday. Jason has really been challenging me lately with his messages. I have dug into the word and been reading more now then I even did while I was in NYC over the summer. Last Sunday’s message on rest also blew me out of the water and challenged me on taking a Sabbath and spending time alone with God. Sheila and Lora work so hard each week to make DC work – plus Sheila didn’t kill me when I stole her children’s church lights for the set! I know how hard it is to be a pastor’s wife sometimes. Tom Hansen and Jon Rennie have been a HUGE help lately with the production work at DC. My small group has been ultra amazing the past 2 weeks and help continue me to go deeper. Laci and Marcus contribute so much to Discovery’s music. They definitely play and sing at a professional level. Kim Kazda continues to amaze me with her dedication to DC’s hospitality. Dusty knocks it out of the park every time he fills in for Jason. The rest of the Discovery band amazes me with their dedication. This seriously goes on and on!

So THANK YOU – Randy, Claude, Jason, Sheila, Lora, Tom, Jon, My small group, Laci, Marcus, Kim, Dusty, Discovery Band, and Discovery Church. The past few weeks have really been amazing because of all of you and your dedication.

3 Replies to “Showing Appreciation”

  1. Wow. Thank you too Brad. I know I certainly appreciate all you bring to the table and the time you put in at DC. Hey, it’s not about us anyway is it? Let’s keep doing what we can to reach who we can. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the nod Brad, but you deserve a lot of thanks as well! I wish I had my head screwed on as straight as you do when I was your age. By the way, Val wants to have you over for meatball subs soon. Let us know when…Jon & Val

  3. WOW…OK I am a bit behind on my blog reading, but thanks for the appreciation. You definately have given your heart and soul to so many things at Discovery and all of the projects you are working on. Jon had it right…you are definately going places 🙂

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