Sunday Night Wrap-Up!

Awesome day at discovery today!

-I rocked the Purple EC shirt today in celebration of last night
-Really like the set! Tom did a great job setting up last night!
-Jason really brought it during the message today.
-Good crowd today… didn’t see many chairs left on the racks
-I see multiple services on the horizon!
-I love the energy during worship lately.
-The ECU students at DC are freakin’ amazing!
-Meeting tomorrow with some of the graphic people at D.C. – should be pretty cool!
-I am thinking about creating a 5 ’til video to show in the lobby and worship center before the service
-It might get more butts in the seats when the service starts!
-I wish I had tomorrow off – I need sleep!
-I was up way to late wrapping up some video work for the new con-nEk-ted outlet studies.
-Enjoyed small group tonight! – Had a awesome meal… Love those guys
-We discussed how some people think Job is an “algorithm”… you had to be there!
-I have sent the Rennies to Florida as hurricane hunters! Get back safe guys!
-Really encouraged and challenged by Chris Elrod lately. He was the first to break the news of the Lakeland Revival catastrophe to me…
-So awesome there is a strong church plant in that area that is hurting so bad!
-I did not think twitter would affect how much I blog, but it really has!
-I’m going to go to bed early tonight… yes I really am!
-Watching a MSNBC special on “boosting” (shop lifting) – Its bringing back bad memories of my days in retail!
Randy really knocked it out of the park with worship today!

-It was sooo awesome – The new series con-nEk-ted is about friends and friendships. Today’s focus was on how Jesus is our friend. I had to get Randy’s main song about this online to share with the world. I like Randy’s new threads… they are pretty fly!

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