I am literally about to pop!

I think this has something to do with it…

Yes… that is two turkeys (one fried-one baked), traditional stuffing, cornbread veggie stuffing, green been casserole, crock pot mac and cheese, corn, squash, collards, ham, sweet potato casserole, corn bread, bean salad, pot o gravy, plus dozens of yeast roles. Oh yea… did I mention there is a two more tables of desserts and drinks. Lets just say that every person had there own pie and or cake baked for them.

I think I am going to sleep well tonight!

Hope everybody had a good thanksgiving. I am looking forward to the ECU game tomorrow. I am bringing my family up to sit in the Student Pirate Club section! ARGH! Don’t tell -but- Purple Beard the Pirate is going to be making an appearance at Tomorrow’s Game! ARGHHHH!

Hope yall had an awesome thanksgiving.

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