Sunday Night Wrap-Up!

I had to get a Sunday night wrap up out… even though its technically Monday (as always)…

-Great day today at Discovery
-Kicked off a new series called “Presence”
-New set today. I thought it looked amazing!
-Claude did awesome with the huge presents on stage!
-Santa brought DC some new intelligent moving scanners and haze…
-The band went old school today – but I loved it.
-No One Like You is so fun to Illuminate… Crowder reference anyone?
-I think some people were really challenged how they are going to spend Christmas – Literally!
-Jason really casted some vision today about some future global partnerships.
-I need to start praying for the big Christmas offering.
-I am getting really excited about this year’s Christmas Eve service.
-It will be something that you can invite your “guy” that you always want to invite to church, but its always awkward to.
-Remember to use your Presence invite cards. They work for both Christmas Eve and Church!
-I talked about this in the new countdown video “The ten ’til”
-I got more feedback about that then I did about the new set and lighting!
-I guess I am always back on the control board and have never done announcements or anything.
-I am used to being on camera… all part of being a comm major. Not really exciting after awhile…
-Exam week is this week…
-I am thrilled… I feel really good about them, but I can always tell when people are praying for me.
-Here are a few pics from today…

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