25 Things I Hate about Facebook…

This video has a lot of truth to it! I don’t agree with all of it, but I definitely don’t agree with #8 “Abusing Status Updates”

A lot of people feel that I do this, but I don’t! I haven’t updated my facebook status in a year! HOWEVER, my facebook and twitter are linked. I update my twitter multiple times a day… which means my facebook is updated several times a day. I am debating unlinking the two, but I think I will keep them linked until more people join the twitter revolution.

The video still does have some good points though!

Oh yea…

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One Reply to “25 Things I Hate about Facebook…”

  1. There’s some truth to some of them, but some of them like #8 you pointed are, I don’t see anything wrong with. Isn’t the whole point to update your status? It’s better than the guys who update once every 6 months. Personally Brad I like your twitter updates, you always have something interesting going on (usually it involves Starbucks)Derick Shipley

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