A brief thought from Catalyst 09…

This was my third year going to Catalyst. It is amazing when I look back over the past three years…

My first year at Catalyst is almost a blur. I was just beginning to understand the gospel. Everything was just sensory overload. I had just been going to Discovery for about 3 months, and next thing I knew I was in a van with an old guy (Claude), a hairy singing pastor (Jason), and a worship leader who had to pee a lot (Davey).

I had touched the creative church world a little bit in the years past, but my recent connection to the gospel had started to put a new lens on “the church.”

I do remember hearing Andy Stanley for the first time. I only knew him as the co-author to “Can We Do That?” with Ed Young Jr. I also had no clue who Steve Fee or Kristian Stanfill were. I also had no clue that people read books on leadership either. In my church background Pastors weren’t leaders. They were puppets that were being manipulated by business meetings and deacon boards.

Over the past three years – I have fallen more in love with Christ and my passion for his bride has grown. I praise God for what he has done in my life within these past few years. He can truly change a person’s heart and turn a life around.

Praise God for the Catalyst Group. Even through the Christian Capitalism there is an amazing heart behind everything. Heres to another 10 years.

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