The importance of quality: Part 1

WRAL 5 in Raleigh was the first news channel to go HD back in 2001.

Earlier this year NBC Nightly News went to HD. Ever since I find that I watch them more then CBS and ABC. NBC has a understanding that more and more people are going HD. No matter what the research say – people appreciate quality. They might not come out and say it. For example, a few years ago my mom used to say that HD was a waste and wasn’t neccessary. I had the only HD tv in the house. Then one night I called my Mom into my room to watch some of a UNC basketball game. She sat down and didn’t get up the rest of the game! She was blown away, and appreciated the quality. She was hooked! The only problem is that I would come home from work and find both my parents in my room watching the game, and when I went to kick them out they wouldn’t leave!

Even though people might not come out and say they expect or want quality stuff. BUT on the inside quality is expected or desired.

Football is in the air…

It was so refreshing tonight when I flipped on the HD NBC 7.1… Sunday night football was on – Seahawks vs. Chargers. I know its pre-seasaon and nobody cares but just watching the HD made my football sense start tingling. It was like an energy rush of excitment for the upcoming fall season. Subconsiously I am hearing “First Down PIRATES” being cheered over and over.

I have entered the lottery for the student pirate club’s VT tickets. Some how the pirates like to get involved in tragically significant games. The game before the We Are Marshall tragedy, and now the first game post VT.

I am pumped football season is almost here, but I have a feeling I will see more Viking football this year then ever before… I think Jason will have something to do with that.