These guys are cool- 10th Avenue North

I got to hang out with these guys at ECU Cru’s Fall Conference. They are a really good band with a great heart. I heard “Never Let Go” for the first time from them. They are now going mainstream with their Sony Record contract. They now even have a music video for their new radio single “Love is Here.” This song is really good, and it is getting some good playtime on XM Radio.

Why does Christian Radio SUCK so bad?

Last week I was at my small group’s progressive dinner. We stopped at the Rennie’s home for the main corse. In the kitchen they had some really good tunes playing. I ask what radio station was playing. I found that they were piping in downloaded music wirelessly from their computer (mostly inspired from DC). I found that all of us sitting around the table didn’t like Christian Radio. I hadn’t thought about it until then… but Christian Radio SUCKS!

My friend Chris Elrod ineloquently talks about how most Christian music is “Panty Praise” I at first thought that he was being a little harsh, but the more I thought about it the more he is right. Most of the praise/Christian music out there is very feminine and boring. He is right in saying that the music could very well be playing into why we have an issue in the country with men going to church.

Then I saw today my buddy Carlos Whittaker twittered about the dove award results. He twitted “Carlos is twittering: Just reading through the Dove Award Recipients…How Great Is Our God won worship song of the year… ???” I checked out the dove award winners and was very disappointed – sure Crowder got a few things -but the majority of awards winners support my suck theory. By the way I like the song How Great is Our God – Even though I have been have seen a traditional church play that on the organ during a traditional service – DUDE!

What are your thoughts… Are you a Christian Radio fan – or – Do you agree with me on the suck factor?

Passion Washington DC: Introduction

This is the awesome intro of Passion 08. It is an amazing intro using “Bittersweet Symphony” going into Tomlin’s “Let God Arise.”

Its a powerful example of using video, music, and lighting together.

For a better view of the screen click here.

God of This City

This year’s Passion CD “God of this City” is amazing. The title song is absolutely one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a while. It is not original to Tomlin, but it has an unbelievable story behind it. I agree with Gary Lamb about it not being my favorite style of song, but its message is so powerful. It makes it completely awesome. “Sing Sing Sing” is a new song by Tomlin. Really good song. “You are God” by Charlie Hall has an amazing grove to it, but it is SO POWERFUL. His “Walk the World” is another funky song, but it Chorus is amazing. Redman’s God of Our Yesterdays is a softer song, but still is cool. Then there is a lot of interesting live versions songs I already had. Definitely a must buy if you haven’t already.

Christmas Time is here…

Well actually its THANKSGIVING… but for me I start my Christmas right about now anyway. Tonight I downloaded 66 Christmas songs to start brainstorming for the upcoming series “So this is Christmas?” and get my Christmas idea Gears turning for the upcoming Christmas Eve Service.

Here are some music selection highlights…

The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping. This song has HIGH popularity (surprisingly) on iTunes. Spice Girls have also remade it. I originally heard it on XM Radio 103 Holly.

Pop Christmas – Everything from Jessica Simpson to Christina Agulara… Destiny’s Child to She Daisy… The she daisy comes from Fellowship Church.

Classics – Johnny Mathis to Bing Crosby… Nothing like classic Christmas music incorporated into media. You see it all the time in movies.

Modern Classics – Faith Hill to Vanessa Williams… Where are you Christmas is WAY better then Christmas Shoes Speaking of NewSong –

“Christian” Christmas – Amy Grant to Michael W. Smith… NO NEWSONG – Christmas Shoes makes me PUKE! Oh yea – I also found a little Relient K. NOW THATS AWESOME.


Trans-Siberean Orchestra… Saw these guys in Concert last year. AMAZING. They are coming in late December to Raleigh… May go see them again.

Manheim Steamroller… I want to see these guys but they only came to Greensboro. I think I missed it.

Whats being blasted through my speakers this week…

My Top 5 Songs that have been blasting on the computer this week are…

Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
Let the Praises Ring – Lincoln Brewster (Its old – BUT Classic)
Marvelous Light – Chris Tomlin
Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston
Do you know (The Ping Pong Song) – Henry Church (Enrique Iglesias)

I think my last two songs come from having XM Radio’s Top 20 on 20 engraved into my mind at work. They might sound annoying at first, but they can get rather addicting.