Why does Christian Radio SUCK so bad?

Last week I was at my small group’s progressive dinner. We stopped at the Rennie’s home for the main corse. In the kitchen they had some really good tunes playing. I ask what radio station was playing. I found that they were piping in downloaded music wirelessly from their computer (mostly inspired from DC). I found that all of us sitting around the table didn’t like Christian Radio. I hadn’t thought about it until then… but Christian Radio SUCKS!

My friend Chris Elrod ineloquently talks about how most Christian music is “Panty Praise” I at first thought that he was being a little harsh, but the more I thought about it the more he is right. Most of the praise/Christian music out there is very feminine and boring. He is right in saying that the music could very well be playing into why we have an issue in the country with men going to church.

Then I saw today my buddy Carlos Whittaker twittered about the dove award results. He twitted “Carlos is twittering: Just reading through the Dove Award Recipients…How Great Is Our God won worship song of the year… ???” I checked out the dove award winners and was very disappointed – sure Crowder got a few things -but the majority of awards winners support my suck theory. By the way I like the song How Great is Our God – Even though I have been have seen a traditional church play that on the organ during a traditional service – DUDE!

What are your thoughts… Are you a Christian Radio fan – or – Do you agree with me on the suck factor?

7 Replies to “Why does Christian Radio SUCK so bad?”

  1. I’ll say some Christian radio sucks. OK, a lot of it. But really, it’s still a style issue. I mean, when it comes to Rock – there’s classic rock, current rock, heavy metal, etc. There’s variety AND stations that play that variety. Christian radio is unfortunately lacking that variety when it comes to the radio usually. My two cents.

  2. I was in Orlando this week and I had Z88.3 on my car radio the whole time. I have to admit I miss having a decent Christian radio station to listen to. (The one on XM radio really stinks!) You can listen to Z88.3 online at http://zradio.org/ It’s pretty good. 80-90% of the songs are decent…although they do repeat a lot of the songs…

  3. I understand what your saying, they do need a Christian ROCK station. Most of the songs played are older and very pop-like or ssssssllllllooooowwww. There are much better stations closer to the Washington, DC area for Christian music. You won’t find that in this part of NC. Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice of 5 or 6 different awesome Christian stations!?!Not quite sure I understand the “Feminine and boring”. IS there something wrong with feminine? Is being feminine boring? I never knew that songs had a gender or that being feminine (qualities of a woman) is really that bad.

  4. Great Blog! Check out this new Christian band that just released their first album. From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

  5. It does suck. I love my Saviour, I love God, but I can’t listen to the Christian stations anymore. I really think that they are just afraid to play anything that even REMOTELY hints at being secular. Not that contemporary things are bad, but did you watch Nickelodeon as a kid? Did you play football or watch Aladin? These are definately “secular” and definately okay. I don’t think God has a problem with the Atlanta Braves, as long as they don’t come before Him. That’s why I can turn on the radio and still hear DC Talks Jesus Freak played 5 times a day in 2009. They aren’t even a band anymore. It’s a great song, but not the 5757589364th time. I personally think that most Christians need to have a broader realization about what worship really is. I don’t need a song to repeat the Name of Jesus 50 times to keep my focus on Who really is worthy of my songs and praises. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you dig that music and that’s how you worship the Lord, but God isn’t limited to the playlist loop on the “positive alternative station” for Him to hear your heart. I don’t let the christian “genre” dictate how I worhip God. I really believe in 100 years Churches will have “praise song books” instead of hymnals, being stuck in a generation of music again.

  6. Yes, it sucks. They play the same 5 songs over and over, day after day. That’s assuming you can even get the signal in the first place. The DJs are lame and retarded. It’s ridiculous. If our God is so amazing, and He is, then why do Christians come across as the lamest beings on the planet? or at least the radio? On top of all that, we’re constantly badgered to give money to these “listener supported” stations. Whatever. Sell advertising like everyone else.

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