Cuddle Worshippers

I heard a lot of buzz on the blogosphere about Perry Noble’s latest message in their man series. I just watched it tonight. Very good stuff. It is a challenging message to watch, but totally worth your time. A few points…

“Every Man has struggled with Sexual Temptation THIS WEEK”

“Cuddle Worshippers”

That had to be my favorite part. Perry was talking about how he hates it when he watches dating couples during worship services. Many dating couples are overly touchey-feely as they are “worshipping.” I have observed this at several worship services on campus and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!

I loved this quote – “Get your hand out of her back pocket – You REDNECK!”

“Boobie Woman is over here – Got my book over here”

His 10 commandments of marriage are actually from Ed. They are amazing though… This message is a must for everybody.

Watch it here under video.

Song Help!

I was watching Granger Community Church’s service announcing that they were going multisite. While I was watching there opening song was…

“I praise your name – Among the nations – I praise your name with all my heart – I join my voice will all creation – giving you praise for who you are.” and then later goes “And the Rocks will not Cry out before me – I will ever sing your praise – Blessings you have poured out on me…”

Does anybody know what that song is and who it is by? I have been wondering for a long time.

Just a note… Granger is one of my churches that I follow. I am writing an upcoming series of post on Churches that have influenced me. I watch many of these churches (like Newspring and Granger) services on a weekly basis.

Perry’s thoughts on C3

Perry Noble is speaking this year at Fellowship Church’s Creative Church Conference. He wrote an excellent post on C3, and I agree with him on how awesome the conference is. Check out the article here.

Oh HELL NO! They just didnt…

I just spent 78 mins and 2 seconds watching Newspring’s latest service.

It was mind blowing.

Normally I only watch a few mins of Newspring’s service every week. This week I didn’t move for 79 mins, and watched the whole thing nonstop.

Fire, ACDC, Bright lights, Coffins, New set

I had heard rumbling in the blog world that something big was coming… BUT it was definately more than what I was expecting.

More thought to come…

Port City Weekend Video…

This evening I check in on Port City Community Church’s website. While I was there I became excited after seeing that they had all of their messages on the website in VIDEO form. Check out their site at – I was able to attend all of their “What If” series.

In a YouTube world – almost everybody watches video online. Recently I watched Les Moonves talk about local CBS stations complaining about CBS’s Innertube. Innertube allows you to watch full episodes of our favorite CBS shows (basically CSI – are there any others?). Les boiled it down by saying that if CBS was going to survive then they would have to meet people where they are at, even if it takes away people from watching CBS in the traditonal TV form.

Some parts of the church world are actually ahead of the game for once, instead of trying to catch up like we normally have to do. Fellowship Church was one of the first to embed Windows Media Video into their website. This was way before embeded flash video or viral videos even existed. Since, Granger Community Church, Newspring Community, and many others have began broadcasting their services on the web.

Fellowship Church, after evolving from windows media to a short lived run with quicktime video, had their services available in three different qualities in flash video until their recent move to audio only. (More on Fellowship’s video evolution to come in a later post)

Unfortunately many churches don’t take the step into video and only feature audio clips of the sermon on the website. While Podcast have there place in the world – VIDEO is not the future… its the present.

Newspring’s Streaming Video Inspires

Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina has become an inspiration to me with their weekly services provided in streaming video on their website They continually amaze me with their pastor’s enthusiasm and passion to go big. Plus they were the closest church to me that used worship sets and intelligent lighting in their worship experiences until I found Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC.

They are currently in the series “Reel Life – Uncut and Uncensored”

Perry Noble, their senior pastor, used a Monty Python clip before his message but unfortunately our web people only saw the series bump. So that made me wish I was actually there.

He started the service off with a prayer, which in most churches is considered an invitation, but invocations don’t traditionally happen in untraditional churches. I found it to be very powerful and started the service off powerfully. Following it with powerful modern worship music created an awesome and inspiring service.

This is an excellent example of how Emerging Churches have to always be changing. Change is very effective, and if it doesn’t happen even the most modern church will began to feel stale like the dying traditional churches across America.

Great job Newspring on another amazing service.