Cuddle Worshippers

I heard a lot of buzz on the blogosphere about Perry Noble’s latest message in their man series. I just watched it tonight. Very good stuff. It is a challenging message to watch, but totally worth your time. A few points…

“Every Man has struggled with Sexual Temptation THIS WEEK”

“Cuddle Worshippers”

That had to be my favorite part. Perry was talking about how he hates it when he watches dating couples during worship services. Many dating couples are overly touchey-feely as they are “worshipping.” I have observed this at several worship services on campus and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!

I loved this quote – “Get your hand out of her back pocket – You REDNECK!”

“Boobie Woman is over here – Got my book over here”

His 10 commandments of marriage are actually from Ed. They are amazing though… This message is a must for everybody.

Watch it here under video.

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