Sunday Night Wrap-Up!

Well its technically Monday morning…

Huge weekend this weekend.

First started it off by dying the heavily debated beard PURPLE for homecoming. ARGH!
Then I had a heart attack watching the Pirates go into overtime vs. Marshall
I would like to apologize the Marshall people for my comment about Marshall’s Victory Plane going down… my bad
However – We did win! ARGH!
On my way to set up I got a call that they were already wrapping up so I got to take a detour and go Ice Skating with Cru Folks
It wasn’t pretty but I’m learning!

However – This morning at Discovery was definitely the highlight of the weekend.
Marcus kicked off worship with a new song.
Jason had an awesome message!
I’m really excited about this series. 1st John has so much good stuff in it and I have NEVER read it before.
Cabbages are pretty cool too…
I love the set for this series. I think it has a good look to it and our new LEDs are powerful!
I’m already looking forward to next week.
If you missed week one you can check it out here.
Today will be up soon.

Looking ahead…
Christmas Eve is going to be off the chain. I feel sorry for all the college kids who are going home and going to miss it. I think it will be worth driving back on the 24th for.
The series for December “Presence” is going to be pretty cool as well.

Was going to post some current music thoughts on some songs that are kicking my butt right now, but I think bed is more important.

I leave you with some purple beard pics!

Sunday Mind Dump!

What an awesome way to start of March!

– I haven’t got the numbers yet – but there was a good crowd this morning.
– The Price is Right continued today with a lot of excitement!
– Clffhanger blew some people’s mind today.
– I like the ProPresenter driven ATM in the Credit Card game!
– Definately hoping to switch to ProPresenter next week… Media Shout ran ok but with the heavy video content I think ProPresenter will run better
– I have created 7 videos for 2 weeks worth of services… I think they are pretty good
– The Ladies Night video got some laughs today for a 30 second vid
– I like the new Igniter Media content
– I was up way to late last night… Had to take a major afternoon nap, so I had to miss Crosslink
– I felt like Jason’s roadie today… I thought it was cool!
– Showed a teaser today for unfullfilled. I think it will be a cool series. It has a dark abstract feel that is completely different from iLife or Price is Right
– We really could have used some wash lighting today…
– We really could have used an extra camera and video mixer today…
– We really had an awesome service today though!


I can’t believe that I missed Sunday! Seeing the pictures from The Price is Right gets me pumped. I have already been getting great feedback around campus. It’s only Monday, but I am already pumped about this weekend.

This some how plays into all of this.

As you can see its getting better! Thank you eye drops. No thank you ECU Health Services!

Sunday Night Live!

I don’t think I have ever had a busier October. It is so busy I can only list a few points!

– I just got back from Catalyst with the Discovery Church team. IT WAS AWESOME!

– I got back just in time on Saturday to get to the ECU vs UCF game! It was the best college football game I have ever attended!

– I still haven’t totally regained my voice yet!

– Busy week ahead to catch up from taking a few day off for Catalyst.

– Discovery this morning was GREAT! Alot of new faces in the crowd.

– A ton of ECU students today. Too bad next week is fall break and few of them will be back.

– Next week Discovery is LEAVING THE BUILDING. No we’re not canceling church! We are just taking Church out into the Community!

– Several first time guest told me they were excited about serving next week!

– Busy day ahead! I need to be more like Perry, and become a morning person. I don’t think it’s going to happen!