Sunday Mind Dump!

What an awesome way to start of March!

– I haven’t got the numbers yet – but there was a good crowd this morning.
– The Price is Right continued today with a lot of excitement!
– Clffhanger blew some people’s mind today.
– I like the ProPresenter driven ATM in the Credit Card game!
– Definately hoping to switch to ProPresenter next week… Media Shout ran ok but with the heavy video content I think ProPresenter will run better
– I have created 7 videos for 2 weeks worth of services… I think they are pretty good
– The Ladies Night video got some laughs today for a 30 second vid
– I like the new Igniter Media content
– I was up way to late last night… Had to take a major afternoon nap, so I had to miss Crosslink
– I felt like Jason’s roadie today… I thought it was cool!
– Showed a teaser today for unfullfilled. I think it will be a cool series. It has a dark abstract feel that is completely different from iLife or Price is Right
– We really could have used some wash lighting today…
– We really could have used an extra camera and video mixer today…
– We really had an awesome service today though!

One Reply to “Sunday Mind Dump!”

  1. As if you aren’t busy should put the commercials from the first week on here 🙂

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