Song Watch – Cielo: Phil Wickham

I was introduced to this song at Passion 2010. They were simply playing it and a lot of Owl City as pre-session music. The hook “I can’t sing loud enough…” really got me. I really wish I had this song back when Discovery was doing the “So You’re Dead… Now What?” series. Thoughts?

Post Passion Journey

I really enjoyed the road home from Passion 2010. It was an amazing journey that started with a trip to Krystal burger. A amazing treat… not available in North Carolina.
That started my way for 7 hours of amazing thought and reflection.
If you don’t know what passion is… it is a movement of young leaders 18-25 who are focused on giving feet to Isaiah 26:8
At the conference – John Piper gave a talk that started me on a journey…
To sum it up, he spoke on the glory of God. I hope to get a link to it soon from Desiring God.
On the road I started with a podcast from Andy Stanley who also spoke at passion. “Leading in Uncertain Times” (From the Leadership Podcast) was extremely encouraging in talking about how our plans will change, but the vision remains the same.
Then I turned to the Village Church podcast. If you are not familiar with them, there pastor Matt Chandler recently was diagnosed with brain cancer and is beginning an aggressive treatment process. 
Piper spoke at the village on the 27th of December. It connected right with his talk at passion and Francis Chan’s breakout on Holy Suffering. I know it sounds weird, but one of the major themes of passion for me this year is examining suffering and its role in our lives. 
After Piper’s talk – I listened to Chandler’s latest talk… Totally messed me up. To hear from somebody who is living out what he was speaking was incredible. He tackles the sovereignty of God in the most concise and understandable message ever. Really opened my eyes to sovereignty, suffering, and prayer.
If you attended Passion. I challenge to take the time and listen to these Podcast (All available for free on iTunes) It will be an amazing way to help put some legs on what you have heard a processed the last few days.

Merry Christmas!

I hope that this Christmas is an amazing time of fellowship and connection with friends and family!

I pray that God will open doors of Grace and tear down walls of hate in this upcoming year.

-God Bless


I’m Engaged!

Today has been an amazing day… I asked the love of my life to marry me – and she said yes! Here are a few pictures from late tonight.

A week too late…

Discovery just wrapped a series on Jonah. Sadly I found this amazing piece of video this week.

Would have been awesome if we could have used this – or even better… brought Joyce and Trixie in live!

The video is a great illustration on what it would be like to listen to the story of Jonah and the Whale while on acid.

New Song Watch – You Alone Can Rescue

This isn’t is a crazy new song, but it takes a while for music to trickle down the grapevine.

In this song from Matt Redman comes a pretty cool experience. Very easy to catch onto in corporate worship. I first heard the song during the worship sessions last October at the catalyst pre-labs. It was covered by Christy Nockles and Eddie Kirkland. Can’t wait to hear Redman do this live at Passion 2010!

The song absolutely soars in the bridge.

“We lift up our eyes – lift up our eyes: You’re the giver of life”