Sunday Reflections

This morning was my first time experiencing Discovery Church. I had no clue that they even existed until I had a late night Dairy Queen crave that took me from Greenville down Firetower to the closest DQ to Greenville. I was focused on filling my craving for Blizzard, but I caught a sign for Discovery Church out of the corner of my eye. I am a long time subscriber to Vision Magazine They recently featured Discovery Church down in Orlando, Florida so the name got my attention. So I jumped on google and tracked down their website at The website got me all the info I needed.

The experience was perfect (especially for a new portable church). The signage made me very comfortable and guided me right where I needed to go. The greeters were very welcoming and well placed.

The music was great! “Contemporary” churches around Greenville seem to be stuck in the early 90s with their music selections. The worship set this morning was awesome – Great modern worship music.

Discovery Church is a young but exciting church. I know that their ministry is going to continue to expand and grow in the future.

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