New Look…

I couldn’t stand having the tangerine theme any longer… So I had to change things up. The jury is still out on if I like the black or not. It really helps pictures and videos pop though.

I also changed the name of the blog from “The Emerging Church” to “The Creative Church.” It seems if you wikipedia Emergent Churches it seems like they have a stereo type for compromising scripture to become more “Seeker Sensitive.” If you have ever listened to a Perry Noble sermon (or any of the guys in my blog role) you will see that none of these guys are “Seeker Sensitive” at all. Using the God given gift of Creativity in the church is an awesome thing. Creativity is definitely a God thing. We serve a very creative God.

Song Help!

I was watching Granger Community Church’s service announcing that they were going multisite. While I was watching there opening song was…

“I praise your name – Among the nations – I praise your name with all my heart – I join my voice will all creation – giving you praise for who you are.” and then later goes “And the Rocks will not Cry out before me – I will ever sing your praise – Blessings you have poured out on me…”

Does anybody know what that song is and who it is by? I have been wondering for a long time.

Just a note… Granger is one of my churches that I follow. I am writing an upcoming series of post on Churches that have influenced me. I watch many of these churches (like Newspring and Granger) services on a weekly basis.