ECU on National TV!

Big surprise! No its not on ESPN about the Pirate going to Hawaii!

Last night on The Late Late Show with Craig Furgusun ECU was well… mention. With the writers strike still going strong… the late late show dipped into the vaults and brought out a Christmas show from two years ago. This show followed App State’s first national championship (division II may I add). Craig had a guy on by the name of Brain Stokes. He was like a third string player, but he did a lot on special teams. The reason they had him on is because he was playing football for App after joining the Marine Core and serving two tours in Iraq.

Now how ECU gets involved in this…

While explaining why he was so old and still playing he talked about why he joined the marines. Basically he said that he spent his first year of college at “ECU” but the partying and drinking made him flunk out. He joined the marines to get his life back together after ECU. Then he decided to try football again at App after serving the Marine Core for two Iraq Tours.

Great Job ECU! I’m just glad he didn’t say East Carolina… Maybe there is a chance when people see this on the west coast or australia they thought ECU was Edith Cowan University

ECU will always be thought of as a party school… period. I don’t care if we make Playboy’s list or not.

Hey at least we made #9 on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card!

1 Big 10 University of Minnesota 3.91
2 Mountain West University of Wyoming 3.91
3 PAC 10 University of Washington 3.73
4 Big East Rutgers University 3.68
5 Big 10 Purdue University 3.64
6 SEC University of South Carolina 3.64
7 MAC Western Michigan University 3.64
8 Big 12 University of Nebraska 3.64
9 C-USA East Carolina University 3.59
10 Ivy League Harvard University 3.55

ECU beats not only Duke (#24) and Carolina (#102 – Anybody heard the legend of silent sam?)… We beat Harvard!

Go Pirates…

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