A Note from TH…

ECU Athletics Director Terry Holland regarding the Virginia Tech game:

Think back to September 6, 2008 and the Pirates vs. No. 8 West Virginia.

That was the most electrifying game atmosphere I have personally witnessed in my 50 years in intercollegiate athletics. The Pirate Nation in the stands and the players on the field were in total sync the whole game. It was a truly magical environment that gave us all goosebumps. Every cheer was part and parcel to what was happening on the field at that point of the game. At no time did the crowd retreat to self-entertainment like “the wave”, which is fine at halftime, but when the ball is in play, the Pirate Nation’s focused support makes the difference for our team.

There are some similarities for the Thursday night game against Virginia Tech, although for different reasons. The parking lots will not be available until shortly before game time, so the focus will be on getting parked and getting into the stadium, and Pirate fans will be anticipating that something special will happen and will be ready to be a part of making it happen!

Pirate fans have come up with two initiatives for this game and the athletics department does its best to support fan initiatives out of respect for what the Pirate Nation means to our success. Therefore, athletics supports the fan initiative to have an official black shirt for this game as well as encouraging all Pirate fans to consider dressing as a Pirate for this game.

It is always proper and important to show our PURPLE and GOLD. Therefore, we encourage everyone on the South Side (behind the ECU bench) of the stadium to bring something GOLD and all on the North side (behind the VT bench) to bring something Purple to wave as the Pirate Nation welcomes a national television audience with a PURPLE/GOLD cheer that will rattle windows in the Triangle. Hats, towels, T-shirts, whatever you have to show the colors.

ECU Football is at its best when the Pirate Nation is focused on what is happening on the field because that is the one thing that is important to all of us. So dress like a Pirate, wear PURPLE, BLACK, GOLD or POLKA DOTS if it helps you get focused on the game … but don’t be distracted by what other good Pirates decide to wear.

And remember to treat our guests from Blacksburg as well as they treated us in Blacksburg in 2007. This has been a respectful rivalry that could develop into something special as evidenced by the game played in Charlotte last season and the camaraderie of both fan bases as they tailgated together.

As always, the best thing we can do as Pirate fans at any game is to treat visitors, visiting teams and other ECU fans with respect, while loudly and passionately cheering in support of our Pirates.




Thank you TH for finally coming out against the wave!

Me, Kyle Holliday, and the serious members of the student pirate club thank you!

I don’t know about people wearing all sorts of colors to the game… but we will see.


One Year Ago Today…

Its hard to believe that so much time has flown by since June 10th, 2008. That day I stepped aboard a plane bound to the Laguardia airport. Little did I know what was about to happen.

I had 3 new friends with me. I had just recently met them at a short briefing in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

We got on board the Delta flight to LGA from Raleigh Durham. Little did we know what significance that flight would mean.

On board the plane there were two ladies sitting in the row behind us. They were very nicely dressed in outfits with plenty of pink touches to their wardrobe. I noticed one of the women had shorter hair. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, so I take notice anytime somebody is wearing pink attire or ribbons.

We were so focused on the adventure ahead of us we quickly began settling in. My main focus was capturing the moments before my new friend Sarah Sugg’s very first flight. I was thoroughly documenting the exciting occasion. I had just recently discovered the amazing world of twitter and wanted to have video blogs of the experience to keep my supporters updated at home.

During the flight the ladies struck up conversation with two of my friends Sarah and Katie. They were having polite conversation about the girls shoes… One of the ladies particularly liked the girl’s Chacos. (I have no clue about girls shoes… Chacos, Chicos, Amigos?)

During this conversation the four of us began to realize who the pair was…

It turned out that pair was no other then Kay Yow and her assistant on their way to New York City for media work with Comcast sports!

It was pretty exciting at the time. After we got off the plane Sarah (an attendee of NC States Campus Crusade for Christ) quickly got on the phone to tell her friends that she and the coach had been on the same flight to NYC!

But then the real adventure began…

I can simply not sum up in this blog post everything that encompasses living in New York City to work as laborers for Christ.

However in January of this year the experience on the plane quickly rushed back into my memory.

When Kay Yow passed away earlier the year my mind was really opened to the character of this fine lady. I knew she was a great person. Everybody on ESPN and every single network acknowledged her greatness.
However – Little did I know until I started watching You Tube videos and reading about her what a woman of God she was.

What is so amazing about her is how she recognized open door opportunities to share her faith. She never screamed her faith at people… she didn’t bang people over the heads with a bible… she didn’t abuse her place as a great leader that people would listen to… she just watched for open door opportunities to share her faith.

From her ESPY speech when she accepted the award “most of all to the glory of God, her Lord and savior” to the 25 minute video that was played at her funeral when she explained that “it’s been a wonderful journey, especially since the time I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior”

How appropriate… At the time that I boarded that plane for NYC I never would have guessed that God would have appropriately placed us on the plane with one of his faithful servants who also in her own special way shared Christ to people in places that the majority of people in the bible belt never would venture.

Yesterday several of my friends from ECU embarked on the same adventure that my crew did last year. Keep them in your prayers as they get out of their comfort zones and share Christ with one amazing city.

#14 – Can you believe it!

Awesome day yesterday. I did not think that last weekend could be topped. The energy and awesomeness in Charlotte was amazing, but yesterday took everything to a whole notha’ level! I am amazed at all the media coverage that we are getting… its pretty cool. Just check out the front page of espn.com’s college football tab.

Here is a pic from the game…

Thank you to all the people who came out to DC set up last night after the game!

Celebrating Passover- College Style.

Tonight I used my friend Alex’s guest meal at West End Dining Hall on ECU’s Campus. Free food is amazing to me… well… because I am a poor college student! While I was there I was offered a box of Aviv Passover Matzos to take home with me. I danced the Jewish Wedding Dance in celebration as I took my free box of Matzos. They are packed and baked in Benei-Brak Israel – so you know they gotta be good! Who knows why ECU is passing out free passover food… Anyway I soon found that this Kosher treat is only flour and water. So basically they are unsalted saltine crackers but very pure. So tonight I decided on a late night snack. The Maltzos are a little bland so I colleged it up by breaking out some marinara sauce. Marinara sauce plus Maltzons equals amazing. So tonight I celebrate passover in the Pirate Nation. Is it even Passover?

Advertising Works… well maybe…

I did not realize how gullible I was…

I saw this commercial during the superbowl…

Sobe also has HUGE display set up in ECU’s Student Union.

Tonight I was in the student union and wanted something to drink. I have had over 5 gallons of Mellow Yellow today, so I was looking for something different. I saw the Sobe Life Water sitting there and it was in very nice packaging – so I thought I would give it a shot.

I bought the beverage, and took a sip of it. As soon as it hit my tongue I could tell that something was wrong. It tasted HORRIBLE! I thought maybe I could get used to the taste, but it just didn’t happen. I gave it to one of my friends and went back and got something a Gatorade.

Just goes to show you that you might have fantastic advertising but if the customer doesn’t have a positive experience once they finally buy in… then it defeats the purpose of advertising.