Easter is in 48 hours

Easter has really snuck up on me this year. I am excited for the upcoming unfulfilled series. I saw the pictures on Claude’s Blog. Stage should be pretty cool. I am down in surf city for tonight and tomorrow. First time seeing the parents since Christmas. I walked in tonight and wished them a Happy New Year! Hopefully I can get them up to Greenville on Easter Sunday to check out discovery. I also want them up there so they can help me finish moving. I am moving out of my apartment of 2 years in Campus Towers into another one. Still a lot to do on Easter Week! Moving stuff, graphics, bumps, videos, and lighting oh my!


One comment

  1. Derick · March 21, 2008

    Hey…do you want to come out next Thursday night to Claude’s Small Group and shoot our small group video for us? We need somebody w/ skills and you are the man. Claude will give you his cat in return for the video shoot. I won’t be at church this week so you can talk to Claude or email me if you are interested.Derick Shipleyflippy23@hotmail.com

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