Easter is in 48 hours

Easter has really snuck up on me this year. I am excited for the upcoming unfulfilled series. I saw the pictures on Claude’s Blog. Stage should be pretty cool. I am down in surf city for tonight and tomorrow. First time seeing the parents since Christmas. I walked in tonight and wished them a Happy New Year! Hopefully I can get them up to Greenville on Easter Sunday to check out discovery. I also want them up there so they can help me finish moving. I am moving out of my apartment of 2 years in Campus Towers into another one. Still a lot to do on Easter Week! Moving stuff, graphics, bumps, videos, and lighting oh my!

One Reply to “Easter is in 48 hours”

  1. Hey…do you want to come out next Thursday night to Claude’s Small Group and shoot our small group video for us? We need somebody w/ skills and you are the man. Claude will give you his cat in return for the video shoot. I won’t be at church this week so you can talk to Claude or email me if you are interested.Derick Shipleyflippy23@hotmail.com

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