No Shave November!

Its everybody’s favorite time of year… No Shave November

In honor of November I have not been shaving, but I thought it would be best if the readership of this blog decided.

So above this post is a poll. I know everybody is tired of voting for stuff, but this poll is very important.

So if you want me to shave – vote yes. If you want me to go all month – vote no. If you like the facial hair but want it trimmed up – vote option 3.

I hope there is no hanging chads or voter intimidation.


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True Life: I’m a resident director…

My life is a crazy life… part of what makes it so crazy is the fact that I am a resident director for a student apartment complex. I do enjoy my job of managing Campus Tower’s seven community assistants, but there are so pretty crazy things that come along the way.

In the past week I have had two memorable experiences. Last Thursday I was sitting in my room when I heard a large boom coming from the hallway on my floor. It was 2am and I was getting ready to make a round at 2:30am but expereince let me know exactly what that cracking boom was. I knew it was either somebody kicking out the glass in the elevator lobby or somebody taking out the light sconces. I ran out into the hallway to try to get a look at the guy, but found something totally different. Yes – the metal reinforced glass was smashed, but I saw ALOT of blood. I don’t mean a little blood. I mean it looked like something out of a Saw gore movie. I saw the large trail of blood led to the elevator. I used a Discovery Church pen to press the elevator button, because it (and the wall) were pretty covered. The elevator door immediately opened to reveal a severely injured drunk male. He had punched out the glass with his bare fist! He was mumbling something about how he was mad at his girlfriend, but I didn’t really care considering how much blood he had lost in less then a minute. So I went in to crisis mode and made sure the poor kid was off to the hospital… well after much debate with his drunk female friends who had come to “comfort” him. They were so out of it that they thought he was fine. Anyway after surgery to repair tendons and arteries and remove glass… he should be ok after some physical therapy. I’m just glad I was there considering his lady friends though he was ok.

Here is a pic of the glass after cleanup.

Well the adventure continues…

Tonight I got a call letting me know that it was raining down in the Campus Towers office. I thought it was our new sprinkler system malfunctioning, but it turns out to be an overzealous washing machine in the laundry room (directly overhead the office). Fortunately – it leaked in the one semi empty place in the office and missed any electronic equipment of files. It was the nastiest feeling in the world taking out those tiles!

Here are a couple of pics…

All in all I am very fortunate to work for CT. It is an amazing property that is student focused. It is the closest and best place to stay at ECU. Crazy stuff just happens sometimes!

Relaxing Dinner!

After a trip to blockbuster to exchange some movies that I have kept for 4 MONTHS! I tried cooking some Chicken Teriyaki in a skillet instead of on the grill. I wanted to change things up a little bit. Sometimes the george forman can dry it out and not let the Teriyaki absorb as much. The chicken did well cooking in the skillet with just the Teriyaki Marinade. Can you see that I was excited? I exchanged 3 flicks at Blockbuster for Juno, Chronicles of Narnia, and Across the Universe. ALL IN BLU RAY HD! I am going to try my best to never rent a DVD again. Lot of good flicks out on blu ray… I just have not had time. As I said – I had kept my last set of movies for 4 months!

Turn Turn Turn…

With every season…

We are smack dab in the middle of “turn” at Campus Towers. It is the time after everybody moves out when we have to turn the building around in roughly one weeks time for the new folks to come in. School ended on Thursday, but we have a lot of folks who moved out early. So all day on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Today we have been working getting rooms turned around. It is extremely tiring! We got wrapped up early today, so I am here resting before heading to discovery to set up for amazing illumination tomorrow! You do not want to miss it!

Can you say… OUCH

I hope I am not developing a trend like the Mr. Magoo pastor Dave Anderson

Today I was straightening up my bathroom when I dropped my toothpaste behind the toilet. I bent over to pick up the tube but when I stood back up my head clipped the glass edge of my medicine cabinet. I thought I had just bumped it hard and threw my toothpaste across the bathroom along with an explicative. I realized it hurt bad and reached up and felt the bump. It felt wet and I looked at my hand. It was red. I then felt this huge stream of blood coming down my face. I looked in the mirror and it looked like a scene out of Hostel (a horror movie). I went through about half a roll of TP cleaning up my face and scalp and it bleed for about 10 mins. I probably need stitches. I hope some of Discovery’s doctors are in the house tomorrow to check it out!

Here is a pic…

Oh yea! I forgot…

Tomorrow is my Birthday… All of yall don’t get too excited. If you are looking for an gift idea donations of support to my Tribecca fund are VERY welcome. Most of you do not know what Tribecca is, but I will be explaining what that is in the next post.