Can you say… OUCH

I hope I am not developing a trend like the Mr. Magoo pastor Dave Anderson

Today I was straightening up my bathroom when I dropped my toothpaste behind the toilet. I bent over to pick up the tube but when I stood back up my head clipped the glass edge of my medicine cabinet. I thought I had just bumped it hard and threw my toothpaste across the bathroom along with an explicative. I realized it hurt bad and reached up and felt the bump. It felt wet and I looked at my hand. It was red. I then felt this huge stream of blood coming down my face. I looked in the mirror and it looked like a scene out of Hostel (a horror movie). I went through about half a roll of TP cleaning up my face and scalp and it bleed for about 10 mins. I probably need stitches. I hope some of Discovery’s doctors are in the house tomorrow to check it out!

Here is a pic…

4 Replies to “Can you say… OUCH”

  1. OUCH!!! That hurts just looking at it. I know a great doctor who was kind enough to rip out my toenail. Maybe he can help.

  2. Yikes! That picture’s a little too graphic for me!! EWW! But I do hope your head’s feeling better!

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