Celebrating Passover- College Style.

Tonight I used my friend Alex’s guest meal at West End Dining Hall on ECU’s Campus. Free food is amazing to me… well… because I am a poor college student! While I was there I was offered a box of Aviv Passover Matzos to take home with me. I danced the Jewish Wedding Dance in celebration as I took my free box of Matzos. They are packed and baked in Benei-Brak Israel – so you know they gotta be good! Who knows why ECU is passing out free passover food… Anyway I soon found that this Kosher treat is only flour and water. So basically they are unsalted saltine crackers but very pure. So tonight I decided on a late night snack. The Maltzos are a little bland so I colleged it up by breaking out some marinara sauce. Marinara sauce plus Maltzons equals amazing. So tonight I celebrate passover in the Pirate Nation. Is it even Passover?

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