Relaxing Dinner!

After a trip to blockbuster to exchange some movies that I have kept for 4 MONTHS! I tried cooking some Chicken Teriyaki in a skillet instead of on the grill. I wanted to change things up a little bit. Sometimes the george forman can dry it out and not let the Teriyaki absorb as much. The chicken did well cooking in the skillet with just the Teriyaki Marinade. Can you see that I was excited? I exchanged 3 flicks at Blockbuster for Juno, Chronicles of Narnia, and Across the Universe. ALL IN BLU RAY HD! I am going to try my best to never rent a DVD again. Lot of good flicks out on blu ray… I just have not had time. As I said – I had kept my last set of movies for 4 months!

4 Replies to “Relaxing Dinner!”

  1. How does a college kid have blu ray and old guys like me still have a combo vcr/dvd player??

  2. Its a remnant from my Circuit City Days… Its actually a play station 3 that plays blu ray disc!

  3. I wish! It wasn’t that great… but the few times I have been back in there I always think “Now what would my price have been” I hear that best buy employees get ALOT better discount!

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