True Life: I’m a resident director…

My life is a crazy life… part of what makes it so crazy is the fact that I am a resident director for a student apartment complex. I do enjoy my job of managing Campus Tower’s seven community assistants, but there are so pretty crazy things that come along the way.

In the past week I have had two memorable experiences. Last Thursday I was sitting in my room when I heard a large boom coming from the hallway on my floor. It was 2am and I was getting ready to make a round at 2:30am but expereince let me know exactly what that cracking boom was. I knew it was either somebody kicking out the glass in the elevator lobby or somebody taking out the light sconces. I ran out into the hallway to try to get a look at the guy, but found something totally different. Yes – the metal reinforced glass was smashed, but I saw ALOT of blood. I don’t mean a little blood. I mean it looked like something out of a Saw gore movie. I saw the large trail of blood led to the elevator. I used a Discovery Church pen to press the elevator button, because it (and the wall) were pretty covered. The elevator door immediately opened to reveal a severely injured drunk male. He had punched out the glass with his bare fist! He was mumbling something about how he was mad at his girlfriend, but I didn’t really care considering how much blood he had lost in less then a minute. So I went in to crisis mode and made sure the poor kid was off to the hospital… well after much debate with his drunk female friends who had come to “comfort” him. They were so out of it that they thought he was fine. Anyway after surgery to repair tendons and arteries and remove glass… he should be ok after some physical therapy. I’m just glad I was there considering his lady friends though he was ok.

Here is a pic of the glass after cleanup.

Well the adventure continues…

Tonight I got a call letting me know that it was raining down in the Campus Towers office. I thought it was our new sprinkler system malfunctioning, but it turns out to be an overzealous washing machine in the laundry room (directly overhead the office). Fortunately – it leaked in the one semi empty place in the office and missed any electronic equipment of files. It was the nastiest feeling in the world taking out those tiles!

Here are a couple of pics…

All in all I am very fortunate to work for CT. It is an amazing property that is student focused. It is the closest and best place to stay at ECU. Crazy stuff just happens sometimes!

2 Replies to “True Life: I’m a resident director…”

  1. WOW the adventures in Brad’s life. We could compare stories from my days in house managemenr at the RMH–the kid who flushed “Fruit Loops” down the toilet that caused a $2500 repair bill is a highlight. My boss used to say if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. You seem to be getting stronger by the day :-

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